Join me for an afternoon or evening of silkscreen printing in my Queen West studio in Toronto. Wine, cheese and French music included...mais bien sûr!

These workshops are open to people who don't necessarily want to know every technical detail about screen printing, but have always wanted to print and make something in one class – and have tons of fun doing it!

Next workshop date: Click on image to see dates available. Contact me here  to be added to a wait list. 

If you have your own private group of 6: I would love to have you in my studio for a class. Please email me directly to choose a date.

Check out these reviews!

“Thanks to you for hosting such a memorable, fun and informative class. I have very limited experience with art, yet I left your studio feeling proud and excited about my accomplishments. You have a wonderful way about you. You created an environment which was warm and safe, and your calm, patient and kind manner was appreciated by all. You could see everyone beaming with pride at everything that they created by the end of the class. It was very exciting to be a part of, and I’ve been thinking about it all day today! Thank you again for welcoming us into your studio.” Darci
"This is such a great evening and workshop. Great to learn how to silkscreen and have plenty of time to practice. Highly recommend this." Randal
“Yasmine’s screen printing workshop is awesome! She shares her knowledge and passion with such ease and clarity that you feel you can just go for it. Yasmine was there every step of the way to answer any questions and help us out when we needed it. Thank you for sharing your screens while we waited for ours to dry . It was a fantastic, fun filled workshop and I look forward to the next one.” Karin
“I highly recommend Yasmine's amazing workshop. Yasmine is a talented artist and a wonderful teacher. I had so much fun learning about silkscreening techniques, and now also have two beautiful shirts I created myself! The three hours flew by.” Jennifer

(more reviews below)

How it works:

You will use screens I made especially for the class with designs like birds, trees, patterns, numbers, words etc. I will teach you how to print on supplied paper and fabrics. But you will also be able to print on any items you will bring with you: fabric, clothing (new or old to up-cycle), napkins, wood panels, journals, paper, etc. Got an idea to print on a flat surface you never thought could be printed on? Let me know and we’ll see if we can do it!

As well as using my screens, it can also be a lot of fun using your own images. If you want to print your own images, you will submit your image(s) via email around a week prior to the class. It can be a photo, a drawing, some text, etc. Once I get your image(s), I will refine your design to make it print-ready and I will prepare a screen for you prior to the workshop. Please refer to "Your design" section below for more info.

Print as many things as time allows. Some may want to concentrate on one item, others may want to print tea towels for the whole family – whatever you feel like, this is definitely a stress free studio. The group is small (max. 6 participants) so you can have my full attention or you can work independently.

Wear clothes that are comfortable and can get dirty, printing can get a bit messy especially when you're getting creative! No long hanging sleeves.

Please note that there will be times when you will be less than 6 feet apart from the other students and me. You will also be sharing some screens and tools, hand sanitizer will be provided.

Dates and times:

  • Next available dates are here
  • You can bring your own group of  6 people at a date and time you choose, just email me and we’ll make it happen! Classes are 3 hours.


    • $85 per person (plus HST) 
    • $510 (plus HST) per group (maximum 6 people per group, it comes to $85 per person (plus HST) for a group of 6).
    • You can pay directly on this page, or Etransfer to
    • I have a 15 day cancellation policy. All payment can be refunded up to 15 days before your workshop date.

    • I reserve the right to cancel the class if less than 5 students have enrolled. You would notified at least one week beforehand, and would be refunded in full.
    • You can take your screen home to print on your own for an additional $25 (plus HST).

    Your design:

    • ·If you decide to have a screen made with your images at no extra cost, you can send me up to six images to choose from and I will let you know which ones would work best (your favourite song lyrics, a quote, drawings, images of you, of your pet, photos you took of cityscapes, trees, architecture, road sign, street sign, streetcars, animals, plants, birds etc. )

    • Your final print(s) can be made of one to four designs but all the designs (drawings, words, photos etc.) will need to fit on an 8.5” x 11” page. So the more designs, the smallest they’ll be printed. You can just send me the images as is and I will take care of making them fit in the page. If you choose one image, the print will be around 8" x 10". If you choose two images, the prints will be around 8" x 5" each. If you choose three images, two prints will be 4" x 5" each and one will be 5" x 8". If you choose four images, each print will be around 4" x 5".

    • Note: if you opt for several small designs instead of one bigger one, you will still be able to print them separately

    • I will make your image into a black and white high contrast design, the same high contrast found in my designs (no soft shadows).

    • Email me your image in a JPEG, PSD or PDF format, the higher the resolution the better. I will do the necessary touch ups and send it back to you for approval.

    How to get to my studio:

    • TTC: If you take the Queen or King Streetcar, my stop is Niagara St. and my building is between Queen St. and King St. on the west side (small brown and black building). My address is 257 Niagara St. Unit 105, Toronto, On M6J 2L7. I’m just 2 lights west of Bathurst. My phone number is 416.304.0490.

    • Driving: After 5pm, you can park on many of the streets around my studio for free if you can find a spot, and right at 6pm in front of my building. Please do not block our parking lot, do not park in front of the yellow line. There is also a Green P Parking just behind my building.

    Liability Weaver:

    Liability Waiver has to be signed by each participant before beginning the class. I will have forms ready for you to sign on the day of the class. 

    More reviews!
    "I am so glad that I signed up for your workshop. The workshop was arranged in such a way that we could get started immediately to create impressive prints. Your instruction was clear and understated. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. I surprised myself by how I could create art and have fun. No pressure. Just a place to be free to experiment and learn and build my confidence. Highly recommended. And I loved the French music in the background. Thank you for a wonderful evening." Tammy
    “I truly enjoyed Yasmine’s workshop. I was impressed with how many awesome prints of my own art and photography I was able to print on different materials. Yasmine takes a lot of time to prepare your images for printing and helps you with her amazing experience and patience to choose what images work best. She follows up, promptly for questions and she supplies fabrics, papers, wood etc to print your images on. The studio is so well organized and welcoming… and cheese included! I’ll be back for sure! Thank you Yasmine for this inspiring evening” Andrea
    “Un grand merci pour cette super soirée! J’ai beaucoup apprécié l’expérience, et je crois qu’on se reverra bientôt lors d’un autre cours!” Dominique
    “My first interaction with Yasmine was at the Beaches Arts and Craft Show this summer. She was attentive without being pushy. I purchased a shirt from her and started following her on Instagram. When I saw her posting about the Silkscreen Printing Workshop I jumped at the opportunity. I'm happy that I did. Yasmine asked that each participant send her their designs to be made into silkscreens. I wasn't feeling overly inspired, but she was very helpful and offered to let me use her own designs if I couldn't come up with something. She made it clear that the workshop would be stress-free! Yasmine is a patient, knowledgeable, and engaging teacher. All 6 of us were complete novices, which could have led to a lot of wasted time trying to teach us individually, but she had each of us demonstrate a sample piece/technique to the rest of the class and voila! within 30 minutes we were all on our way to being creative. Even when we inevitably "messed-up", she was kind in her explanation of what went wrong. Yasmine's love of silkscreening is evident by her abundance of paints, materials, and designs. Her studio is small and cozy with calming music playing throughout the evening. The wine and cheese offerings were much appreciated and enjoyed. If you are at all nervous about not being creative enough, do not worry as Yasmine will set your mind at ease.” Julie
    "This is such a great evening and workshop. Great to learn how to silkscreen and have plenty of time to practice. Highly recommend this." Randal
    “I have been purchasing wonderful t-shirts, wraps, sweatshirts, etc. from Yasmine for years and it was so amazing to be able to experience her workshop and re-live my own silkscreening passion from my university days. She is truly inspiring and helped me make my sketches come to life. I cannot wait to do this again. Great instruction, fun atmosphere and creative environment. Can’t recommend this enough!” Lisa
    Just let me know if you have any questions and let’s get printing!
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